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A Present for the Town

It was thought appropriate to mark 300 years since the formation of the Harbour Trustees now known as the Commission with funding left from the Maritime Festivals.

One year ago...

Eddie Stobart lorryWestlife Box

In June 2007 lots of people gathered around the harbour on a rainy June evening to witness a strange event. A convey of Eddie Stobart trucks had charged along the A595 and down the New Road into Whitehaven flanked by police motorcycle outriders with a helicopter hovering above. The fleet sped around the town to the harbour where they delivered a small freight container advertising the Westlife concert, which was placed beside the entrance to the marina.

One year later...

People gathered to see what was in the box.

Whitehaven Sea Cadets

The Whitehaven Sea cadets were in attendance as they have been for most of the Maritime events.

Town Criers on the harbour

The town criers from across the UK attended as they were to have a 'shouting' competition the following day.

Celia MacKenzie looks on as the statue does nothing

Speculation had mounted throughout the year as to what was in the box and many people believed it would be some sort of statue or work of art. Not to disappoint a statue, was brought out of the box and presented to Celia Mackenzie from the Harbour Commission - although this was only a joke as it was a performance artist dressed as a fisherman - how he survived in the box all year is a mystery.

Boat for the sea cadets unveilled

Then the true present to the town was unveiled. As recognition for the work they have put into the maritime festivals the Whitehaven Sea cadets were presented with a Laser dingy so that they can learn to sail - which was a more practical and useful gift than expected. Also tickets were given out to the people who had turned up to win prizes from Gerard Richardson's shop.

The boat presented to the cadets

Then people gathered to have their photo taken with the statue.

Statue of a fishermanClose up of the performer

In the evening shortly after sunset there was a firework display over the harbour.

firworks in a fading sunsetfirworks behind the crow's nest structure

Fireworks on the old pierfireworks over the harbour

Large firework burst over Whitehaven harbour

Town Crier Competition

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