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About this site

Whitehaven and Western Lakeland is a personal site about Whitehaven in the UK and the surrounding area. As such, it does not claim to represent the views of any other organisations but hopefully, as well as providing information, will help promote local businesses and the area itself.

The site is the successor to my previous site held at www.oakweb.freeserve.co.uk which will remain for a time as there are many links to it. The new site does not have the same limitations on space allowing me to display archived photos and produce a greater volume of new content. The site is entirely my own work unless credits indicate otherwise. A lot of time is spent doing original research and editing photos - as I have full time job I apologise for any omissions or the slow development of the site. If there are any errors, broken links or other mistakes please contact me and I will try to rectify them.

About the Design

Unlike the previous site which had unique graphics for every link and title, this site is based on a minimal design concept. This is so that I can spend more time on content and less on custom graphics. It is also to ensure that the content can be accessed by the widest audience including various browsers and text readers, including mobile devices that now have access to the internet. Whilst the text is easier to access the photos have become slightly bigger - this is to take advantage of the higher bandwidth now available to most people and thus provide higher quality images. I have also used CSS to provide formatting where necessary and provide a standard style across the site. Flash animations have been used in some places to explain ideas and provide entertainment but these are additional rather than an integral part of the content.

I hope you enjoy Whitehaven and Western Lakeland.

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