Whitehaven in Bloom 2007

St. Nicholas Gardens in flower

Whitehaven in Bloom 2007 maintained the high standard set by previous years with St. Nicholas church gardens once again the centre of the horticultural displays. The borders of the lawns were once again a riot of colour.

red daisies with yeloow tipped petalsbarrels as planeters in front of arched windowpink and white daisies

This year the half barrel tubs had been moved into the borders to punctuate them at intervals with overflowing blooms.

large red and white blooms amongst green foliage

Large blooms of lilies in vibrant red and white contrasted with the dark green folliage making them look all the more stunning.

otter statue water featurefoxgloves shaded by the church

More subtle planting in areas of shade contrasted with the more showy flowers to give areas of tranquility.

Seating with hanging basketsLampost dressed with flowers

In the town the street furniture was dressed with hanging baskets and planters as can be seen here with this seating arrangement in Washington Square between lower Queen Street and Coates Lane and this lampost on King Street.

doorway brightened by flowers

This doorway brightened up with some attractive plants shows how you don't need a garden or even much room to give your green fingers a bit of exercise.

Planters outside shops full of blooms

Planters outside many of the town's shops containing a variety of flowers make the streets so much more attractive and colourful and added as a focal point can help show off some of the town's other attractions.

half barrel planters in front of Waterfront sign

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