Whitehaven Bibliography

A list of some of books about Whitehaven

Most of these books are still available from Michael Moon's bookshop on Lowther Street in Whitehaven.

Around Whitehaven in Old Photographs

Harry Fancy

Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd 1992 (1992) ISBN 0-7509-0113-6


Culture, Conflict and Migration

The Irish in Victorian Cumbria

Donald M. MacRaild

Liverpool University Press 1998 (1998) ISBN 0-85323-662-3


From Cumberland to Cape Horn

The Sailing Fleet of Thomas & John Brocklebank of Whitehaven and Liverpool 1770-1900

Dave Hollett

Fairplay Publications Ltd 1984 (1984) ISBN 0905045-62-9


History and Directory of West Cumberland 1901

from A History, Topography and Directory of Cumberland

T. Bulmer

Michael Moon 1901 (1994) ISBN 0-904131-36-X


I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

A life of John Paul Jones

James Mackay

Mainstrem Publishing 1998 (1998) ISBN 1 84018 057 9


Images of England Whitehaven

Anne Cook

Tempus Publishing ltd 1998 (1998) ISBN 0-7524-1575-1


John Paul Jones

A Sailor's Biography

Samuel Eliot Morison

Naval Institute Press 1959 (1999) ISBN 1-55750-410-5


Looking at Whitehaven

J. Brian Crosland

Whitehaven Borough Council 1971 (1971) ISBN 0-9500003-1-0


Read's Point of View

Paintings of the Cumbrian Countryside

Mary E. Burkett David Sloss

Skiddaw Press 1995 (1995) ISBN 0-900811-285


Rex Malden's Whitehaven

John Malden Eilean Malden

Try Malden Ltd & Michael Moon's Bookshop 2000 (2000) ISBN 0-9539257-0-6


The Correspondence of Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven 1693-1698

A Provincial Community in Wartime

D.R. Hainsworth

Oxford University Press for the British Academy 1983 (1983) ISBN 0-19-726016-0


The Forgotten Trade

Comprising the Log of the Daniel and Henry of 1700 and Accounts of the Slave Trade from the Minor Ports of England 1698-1725

Nigel Tattersfield

Pimlico 1991 (1998) ISBN 0-7126-7343-1


The Grave and Gravestone of Mildred Gale

Paternal Grandmother of General Geaorge Washington The First President of The Untied States of America

Muriel Cinnamon

Friends of Whitehaven Museum 2005 (2005) ISBN 0-9544872-1-4


The Jefferson's of Whitehaven

Brian Parnaby

Travail Press 2005 (2005) ISBN 978-0-9551716-0-4


The Most Dangerous Pit in the Kingdom

A History of William Pit 1804-1955

Ray Devlin Harry Fancy

The Friends of Whitehaven Museum 1997 (1997) ISBN 0-9526814-2-0



An Illustrated History

Daniel Hay

Michael Moon 1966 (1987) ISBN 0-904131-21-1



Its Streets, Its Principal House and Their Inhabitants

William Jackson

Michael Moon 1878 (2004) ISBN


Whitehaven 1660-1800

Sylvia Collier Sarah Pearson

HMSO 1991 (1991) ISBN 0-11-300018-9


Whitehaven Harbour

Brian Scott-Hindson The Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners

Phillimore 1994 (1994) ISBN 0-85033-917-0

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