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The Parade on Bransty Row

Whitehaven Carnival Queen 1978

Here are some pictures from Whitehaven's 1978 Carnival parade. They have been converted from 35mm slides taken on Bransty Row and Swing Pump lane from the old pedestrian bridge.

The carnival started from North shore where the photo of the Oakbank crew's "dial international" costumes was taken, featuring Buzby off the TV adverts. In the background can be seen the old Smith Brother's factory and on the left one of the old gasholders, that almost all towns had before natural gas was introduced by 1977.

There seemed to be more floats in those days when flat-backed lorries were much more common and also visitors from other local carnivals took part. In those days local businesses entered floats as a way of advertising - here we see Bates shoe shop with a float featuring a Queen sat in a high-heeled shoe with two smaller shoes containing her attendants. In the background can be seen the top of one of the Marchon silos.

Cowper's dancers also featured and it is amazing to think that some of the girls in that carnival might even have grand-daughters appearing in the carnival this year.

Oakbank crew telephone international dialing

Bates shoes decorated carnival float

Float decorated with large float

Deputy Carnival Queen float


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