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The Parade on Lowther Street

Carnival Queen 1995

Here are some pictures from Whitehaven's 1995 Carnival parade. They have been converted from 35mm slides taken on Lowther Street near Catherine Street.

The carnival that year had some impressive floats with one here decorated like the Royal Yacht looking particularly magnificent.

The Queen's floats were also splendid and colourful costumes from some of the dancers were cleverly designed.

The steam road-roller also featured in the carnival for several years and maybe it will make a come back when you realise how much fuel prices have risen since those advertised at the old Burmah garage, on the corner where the Co-op Funeral building now stands.

Briarwood marchers

Carnival dancers and drummers

Good shepherdess carnival float

Rescue Services with plane

Tractor pulling carnival float

Royal yacht Britannia float

Traction engine road-roller

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