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Whitehaven Carnival 2003 showed fortune favours the town with glorious sunshine throughout the procession.

Rebecca Flynn Whitehaven Carnival Queen 2003

This year's carnival queen was Rebecca Flynn seen here on her bright and cheerful, blue and white float along with her attendants Kerry Ann Wilson and Grace Cook.

Abigail - Retiring QueenLion's Queen

Also in the parade was the retiring queen Abigail with her  two attendants and as usual walking near the front of the procession was this year's Lion's queen.

Rose QueenAlannah - Workington Queen

The Rose Queen had a beautiful float decorated with numerous pink and white paper flowers whilst the visiting Workington Carnival queen, Alannah sat high upon her throne. The Snow queen had a snowy white float with emblems of arctic animals and a shiny turretted castle.

Snow Queen

Whitehaven Carnival 2003