Whitehaven Carnival 2007

Dance Troupes in the Parade

Pretty Parasol Dancers if the Procession

Once more a big part of the Whitehaven Carnival was the large number of dancers from the various dance schools in Whitehaven.

Pop Dancers

They all took part in the procession stopping often to perform their dance routines.In striking black and purple were the kids form Pop Steps Dance School.

Starkey Dancers on Scotch Street

Also in the parade were the dancers from Starkey's' dance school in their bright coloured Fame outfits.

Cowpers younger dancers in sailor suits

Red and White pom-pom girls

Cowper's Dance School had a large number of students in the parade.

Purple tambourine dancers

red black and yellow pom-poms

Starkey's Juniors must be given special mention for performing with their pom-poms throughout the parade and adding lots of strong colour to the show.

Line dancers in the park

Performing line dancing in the park

The dancers not only performed in the procession but also in the park before and after the carnival parade. Here we can see examples of line dancing from the Dance Ranch.


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