Cockermouth Show 2008

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the fitz - cockermouth

Taking place at the Fitz at Cockermouth, Cockermouth show, although basically an agricultural show is a great family day out even for those not part of the farming community.

horse jumping

There was an arena for a show jumping event which provided some great action for those interested in horses.


A fun fair, including an inflatable laser quest game, with many rides helped to entertain the children.

boating pool

Another clever idea for the kids was this boating pool constructed from bails of hay and a plastic sheeting with several remote control boats and a couple of ducks.

country music duo

Live music was provided by this talented country duo.

collection of shaving mugs

The model tent had some good collections - of note was this great collection of shaving mugs, which is something you don't often see these days - probably because they are all here.

J121 H.M.S. Whitehaven model

Most impressive of all was this extremely accurate and detailed model of H.M.S. Whitehaven.

J121 closup of H.M.S. Whitehaven modelJ121 close up of H.M.S. Whitehaven model flags

Close inspection revealed a quality of modelling normally seen in movies, with rust applied to the right places and the tiny signal flags all stored on deck.


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