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Check out the video at below which is also available in HD or 3D on the Youtube site

There must have been about a hundred people dressed up in costume for the Cockermouth Georgian Festival 2012. They created all classes of people from the 18th century from aristocracy to servants and had a range of costumes from tailored outfits in expensive fabrics to simple outfits made at home. This all added up to provide a superb atmosphere in the town and a great photo opportunity - so here is a gallery of photos of some of those characters.

g-actor (55K)  g-actress (53K)

g-blue (40K)

g-bigwig (33K)  g-lady (30K)

g-famous (65K)

g-bob (28K)  g-maroon (30K)  g-navy (25K)

g-bonnet (28K)  g-capt (34K)

g-old-red (37K)  g-hat (27K)

g-couple (61K)

g-grin (29K)  g-servant (29K)

g-maid (25K)  g-tricorn (33K)

g-fiddle (56K)

g-guitar (28K)  g-hoop (41K)

g-ladies (70K)

g-shawl (32K)  g-smile (23K)

g-morris (51K)

g-young-red (31K)  g-red-red (31K)

g-servants (36K)

g-silver (37K)  g-waistcoat (40K)

g-yellow (44K)

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