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There was a great turnout from those entering into the spirit of the Georgian fair by adopting Georgian costume for the day. A good variety of styles was to be seen from the well-to-do in their finery to merchants and peasants. Below is a quick selection of some of the 100 or more that were seen on the day.

black hat gentgeorgian man

Cockermouth Georgian mayor

lady blue ribbon bonnetgeorgian biscuit

Cockermouth Georgian Fair Costume

face-painted morris manbonnet and shawl

accordian playerlong coat

Georgian children

wig and feathers

green man accordianMorris man musician

georgian gentleman

Betty Lupton ladle laikerBelfagan morris dancer

laughing man

pink bonnet white shawlGeorgian gent

face-painted morris womanPainted morris

smiling lady fur trimmed cloak

smiling man in wigGeorgian Pancake

female sax player

costume lady tambourineTop hat

tricorn hat

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