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The knights practised their fighting skills in the tournoi preparing themselves for the battle at the end of the afternoon.

waiting to pouncea lunge is parried

The knights then gathered outside the Falcon club to organise themselves into two sides and discuss tactics.

a typical knight out at the Falcon club

They then assembled either side of the field for a game of capture the flag.

the troops are mustered for the battle

But once they started chanting and drumming on their shields, to put fear into the enemy, for the onlooker it no longer appeared less like a game and more like a true battle.

drumming on shields

Eventually, the two sides charged at each other meeting in the centre of the field with an almighty crash and it was hard to believe that anyone would come out unscathed. However, very few true injuries were sustained as time and again they charged at each other wielding deadly looking weapons.

battle enjoined

Finally, the battle split into a series of raiding skirmishes until eventually one of the flags was captured.


Egremont Medieval Festival