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An exciting new attraction to Whitehaven for this year's festival was the UK Jetski Display Team. They performed to a large audience several times throughout the festival in both the outer and inner harbour.

Jetski displayJetski display

jet ski high speed standing turnjetsk i fountain

The team threw the jetski around at high speed executing some amazing tricks. These included diving the skis underwater, somersaults in the air and riding backwards creating cascades with the jets.

HMS invincible scale model

Iron Duke scale modelNuclear submarine model with dog on prow

With the visit by the USS Leyte Gulf,  Lady of Man, and Steamship Balmoral, street entertainers, a marina full of yachts dressed with buntings, pirate re-enactment, a large fun-fair, perfect weather and a great party atmosphere -  it is safe to say the festival was an absolute success.



Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2003