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Ruth and Kaskelot in Whitehaven Harbour

June 19th 2007 Whitehaven Harbour

Although the maritime festival had just finished tall ships were still arriving in Whitehaven harbour. Ruth was the first to arrive staying about a week and she was followed by the much larger Kaskelot which will be staying a few days. With Glaciere still in harbour until Friday that was three tall ships in Whitehaven even after four tall ships had left.

Tall Ship Kaskelot in Whitehaven harbour

Tall ship Kaskelot makes a welcome return to Whitehaven just after the 2007 Maritime festival. She is now rigged as a 3 Masted Barque of around 1890. At over 150 feet in length with 9,500 sq ft of sail she requires a crew of 14.This Danish oak built ship was used to supply the remote towns of Greenland's coast in the 1950's.

After working as a fisheries support vessel around the Faeroe islands she became the largest of Square Sails's fleet of movie stars in the 1980's and has appeared films Last Place on Earth, Cutthroat island, The Three Musketeers, Amy Foster and Return to Treasure Island. She has also appeared in several major television series A Respectable Trade, Longitude and David Copperfield.


Sailing ship Ruth in front of the Beacon

This twin masted, 51 tonne Gaff Rigged Baltic Trader was built in 1914 in Sweden. She now sails out of Penzance in Cornwall offering sailing holidays across to France and Ireland and is also available for charter and film work.