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Coastguard Ship at Whitehaven

HMCC Sentinal at Whitehaven

Whitehaven Harbour 6th June 2008

The day after the Queen's visit Her Majesty's Coastguard Cutter Sentinel berthed in Whitehaven harbour on the Sugar Tongue. This 36m long vessel bristles with high tech surveillance equipment including image intensifying night vision cameras. With a top speed of 27 knots it isn't easy to outrun and the power is provided by two Caterpillar Di-Ta engines. Also on deck is a 6.5m RHIB which has a top speed of 45 knots that can be used for boarding suspect vessels. Sentinel has a crew of 12 and patrols the Irish Sea looking for smugglers and other threats to Britain's borders. It was built by Vosper-Thornycroft at Portsmouth in 1993.

Coast Guard cutter Sentinal at Whitehaven with tall ship Zebu

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