T.S. Royalist

Whitehaven Harbour 19th July 2007

T.S. Royalist sails past Whitehaven lighthouse

Yet another tall ship sails into Whitehaven harbour in 2007. This time it was the T.S. Royalist a training ship run by the Sea Cadets. This 29 metre square rigged, steel hulled, brig was launched in 1971 and refitted in 1992. This allows up to 24 cadets a great experience of the sea - with the added advantage of a tall ship requiring them to literally learn the ropes.

T.S. Royalist positions herself on the sugar tongue

The Royalist did quite a graceful pirouette and then reversed into position alongside the Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven's inner harbour.

cadets taking on provisions

The first job for the cadets was to form a human chain to take on provisions and stow them in the hold.

cadets manning the sails on Royalist

The next job required a little more bravery as the cadets had to climb the rigging, well up the 23 metre aluminium masts and walk out along the yards to haul up the sails.

Furling the sails on T.S. Royalist

No sign of fear on the young cadets faces as they furl the sails whilst standing on a piece of string 50 feet above the decks.

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