Whitehaven Snow Gallery

Panarama of Whitehaven in the blizzard

It's so rare for snow to lay on the ground in Whitehaven due to the warm salt air blowing in from the Irish sea that I took the opportunity to create a gallery of photos when the blizzard hit on Sunday 12th March 2006. Familiar views - only whiter.

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click to see Cannon click to see Old Quay Gale House click to see St. Nicholas gardens click to see promenade cannon
Old Tom Old Quay Gales House St. Nicholas
click to see Roper Street click to see Pit Wheel click to see St. James click to see White Park click to see Waterfront
Roper St. Pit Wheel
St. James White Park Waterfront

To download a free windows screensaver of all these photos click here and choose to Save in your Windows folder. The file is over 600k so will take a few minutes to download on a dial-up connection

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