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Golden Sands Polar Bear Club - Whitehaven harbour

New Year's Eve in Whitehaven means its time once again for the Golden Sands Polar Bear Club annual dip in the cold waters of the harbour

sw2014-trio (87K)

Of course you can't go into for a swim in the sea without getting dressed for the occasion and so nearly everyone dons fancy dress.

sw2014-chest (74K) sw2014-hawaii (91K)

It appears as though these guys were expecting better weather although having a tee-shirt that looks like a bare chest is a cunning way of staying warm.

sw2014-gorilla (66K) sw2014-onesie (46K)

Choosing a gorilla suit or a onesie as your fancy dress is another ruse to stay warm.

sw2014-santas (105K)

A group dressed as Santas seemed appropriate for the season - I always wondered how Father Christmas wound down after the big day.

sw2014-ramblers (84K)

Another group were the Whitehaven ramblers who decided to give the fells a miss and walk into the sea and back.

sw2014-viking1 (56K) sw2014-viking2 (56K)

There was also a few vikings present wrapped in fur of course to keep warm but not very good for swimming in.

sw2014-bazerk (96K)

This berserka was obviously berserk to do without a bit more insulation and was one of the brave souls interviewed by the BBC's Emily Unia who also took the plunge dressed as penguin.

sw2014-blue (63K)

These three young lasses appeared to have been going blue with cold before they even got to the water.

sw2014-hub (103K)

To warm eveyone up, excercies in the form of hokey-cokey and a bit of dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe, were performed at the hub.

sw2014-band (115K)

Whitehaven town provided music for the march from the hub to the outer harbour.

sw2014-parade (114K)

Eveybody then all marched along West Strand to the Golden Sands glad that the weather was relatively mild this year.

sw2014-bathers (93K)

On the beach even more swimmers were waiting including these in more traditional bathing costumes.

sw2014-birdman (68K)

I guess this costume might also double up as a life belt...

sw2014-rnli (135K)

... however to keep everyone safe the RNLI and coastguard had volunteered to stand in the water and monitor the situation.

sw2014-group (115K)

Then there was just time for a group photo in front of a large crowd lining the walls of the harbour before that quick dash into the sea and for many an even quicker dash back out - although some were content to swim about a bit before retiring.

See the you tube video below to see some of the quick spashing about.

Youtube video


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