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Whitehaven Harbour 29th June 2007

Hull of Viking boat on harboursideChests loaded onto boat

People in Whitehaven did a double take as a Viking longship passed through the streets on the way to the harbour on the back of a lorry. It was placed in the boat lift where it was then loaded with provisions for the journey, along with ballast and the Norwegian sailor's belongings.

Carved head of Viking longboatViking ship moved into place on boat lift

The beautifully carved head was fixed in place on the prow of the longship, the mast raised and then the boat lift transported it into position over the water.

Viking boat on Whitehaven harbour boat lift

Normally used for lifting modern yachts and small fishing vessels the longship sat surprisingly well in the lift; perhaps showing that the fundamentals of boat design haven't changed that much in 1000 years. With regards to modern safety standards, however, it could be seen that the vessel had two small engines.

Viking ship lowered into the harbour

The longboat was easily lowered into the water and after a few moments she floated free from the harness and into the Queen's dock of Whitehaven harbour.

Viking Long boat in Whitehaven Queen's dock

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