West Cumbria Vintage Rally 2006

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Commercial Vehicles

A large turnout of commercial vehicles was on display this year at the vintage rally. It must be an expensive hobby restoring and keeping some of these lorries.

clorries.jpg (38096 bytes)

This flat back Leyland Comet is typical of the hundreds of similar lorries that used to transport everything on our roads before the advent of the container lorry.It was built in 1955 and worked for twenty years first for Leyland's own fleet then for timber haulage.

cleyland.jpg (32903 bytes)

The ERF truck below, model LK44G, built in 1955 was used for over 30 years to deliver engines and parts for Gardener Engines. ERF actually stands for Edwin Richard Foden the founder of the company that started making trucks in 1933.

cerf.jpg (36626 bytes)

This was an AEC mercury built in 1965 and comes with its own electricity generator a Centrax Turbine. Used by North West Electricity Board but retired in the 1980's. It is now preserved by United Utilities.

celectric.jpg (32598 bytes)

Sometimes a hobby can get a little out of hand. Not only was one lorry on the back of a bigger one and towing a huge caravan they were all coach painted in matching livery.

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