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Liverpool Tall Ship back in Whitehaven

Zebu with the Candlestick in the background

August 11th-13th 2007 Whitehaven Harbour

Once again Tall Ship Zebu returns to Whitehaven. This time it was calling in on its way to Maryport to join up with Bounty which is visiting after a trans-Atlantic journey. The brigantine Zebu comes from Liverpool and has made several visits to Whitehaven, most recently at the 2007 Maritime Festival. Bounty the only replica of the famous mutiny ship also played the part of 'Black Pearl', the ship of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy. She is visiting the area because of the connections with Fletcher Christian. Bounty will be visiting Maryport between Tuesday 14th and Friday 17th August being open to the public from Wednesday.

c2c sculpture with Zebu in Whitehaven harbourZebu on the Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven

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