Balmoral 2008

Whitehaven Harbour 30th May - 31th May 2007

m.v. Balmoral in Whitehaven Harbour

m.v. Balmoral in Whitehaven's inner harbour on Friday night after returning from the Isle of Man.

Balmoral visits Whitehaven again as Waverley Excursions organise trips to the Isle of Man on 30th and 31st of May 2008. Great weather meant flat seas and calm sailing for a perfect day out.

Balmoral appears at Sunset

It was a balmy evening as Balmoral returned from the Isle of Man on Saturday night.

Balmoral at Whitehaven's North Pier

Unlike Friday Balmoral wasn't staying the night at Whitehaven so to avoid the tricky manoeuvre inside the harbour it moored on the North pier.

Balmoral with sunset as people leave the ship

As people were leaving the ship a wonderful sunset was taking place across the Solway Firth behind the hills of Scotland.

Balmoral 2007

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