Balmoral 2007

Whitehaven Harbour 26th May - 27th May 2007

Balmoral in Whitehaven harbour

m.v. Balmoral in Whitehaven's inner harbour manoeuvring to exit through the lock gates with decks full of passengers going to the Isle of Man.

Waverley Excursions' m.v. Balmoral visits Whitehaven again for trips to the Isle of Man on 26th and 27th of May 2007. A trip to the Isle of Man is also planned for the 14th of June and Balmoral is also expected for the Whitehaven Maritime festival, 15th to 17th of June, doing shorter coastal trips.

Balmoral passes North Pier

Balmoral passes the North Pier lighthouse as it leaves Whitehaven Harbour.

Southampton built in 1949, the Balmoral served as a passenger ship until 1980 when she was converted to a floating restaurant. She was saved from this ignominy in 1986 by supporters of the Waverley and restored to sea-going capability. In 2002 she was given new engines and upgrades to passenger comfort and is now a regular visitor to Whitehaven, being small enough to fit through the tidal lock but still capable of carrying 750 passengers, with a restaurant and two bars.

Balmoral passes West pier

Balmoral leaves Whitehaven Harbour to visit the Isle of Man and passes the West pier lighthouse.

Panoramic photo of Balmoral

Balmoral 2008

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