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New Building for Boat Repairs

North Harbour 2008

A new structure appeared on the skyline beyond the fish depot on the North Shore towards the end of 2007. On the site where Whitehaven built over 1000 sea-going vessels in the 18th century, it was fitting that this an addition to the boat yard where boats from the marina are put on hard standing for essential repairs.

Building of the boat-building building

The building of the boat-building building is seen here in the early stages back in November 2007 as the steel work is in place and the roof is under construction.

Scaffolding on the boat yard

By March 2008 the shell of the building was nearing completion and the tiles were going on the roof.

Boat yard building

Here is the finished building the day after the Queen's visit in June when, to promote the links with America, it was opened by Captain Jeffrey Miller, the naval attaché of the American Embassy in London.

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