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New Buildings and Features in Whitehaven

Whitehaven has undergone many changes over the past few years transforming a run down mining town into an attractive tourist destination. The harbour, that was originally used for loading coal onto ships then later ferrying  phosphate rock from bulk carriers to ugly harbourside storage silos, has evolved into a marina billed as Gateway to the Lakes. This has been done by building a tidal lock, which maintains access to permanent water in the harbour almost around the clock, and attractive resurfacing of the quayside with additional artistic features.

The town of Whitehaven was one of the first post-medieval planned towns and is regarded as historically significant for the preservation of so many of its Georgian buildings. It was once one of the most attractive towns in England at the forefront of the industrial revolution, which eventually brought squalor and grime and then, when its sources of wealth perished due to isolation, dereliction. From the 1970's many of the 18th century buildings were saved in the brink of time and sympathetically restored along with some civic pride and the town has since been on the up.

As with any town, Whitehaven undergoes continual development. I have created this section to record some of these changes and allow ex-pats to see the new areas - many of which enhance the town and some that possibly do not - which those are, I leave you to judge.

The Harbour

The Candlestick   Mount Pleasant  Harbourside flats   Boat Yard

The Town

Irish Street Housing   Preston Street Commercial Park   Multi-Storey Car Park    Civic Quarter


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