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Makeover for Whitehaven Monument

July 2008 Whitehaven Harbour

It was at the end of the 1970's that the South Beach area last got some serious work done to it. At that time the area that had at one time been the site of Wellington pit was landscaped, a car park was added and a long winding path created up to the Candlestick monument. This decorative chimney, with a design said to be based on one of the Lowther's candlesticks, was originally a chimney for boilers at for the coal mine.

diggers and dumper trucks at south beach

works accommodation at south beach

The appearance of heavy plant and associated facilities on the South Beach car park announced it was time for some new landscaping. This is all part of the Whitehaven Coastal Project, developing the coastal path between Whitehaven and Haig Pit. It is sponsored by the National Trust, English Partnerships and The Land Restoration Trust.

Steps from South Beach car park to the Candlestick

A new set of steps leads directly up from the South Beach car park and the circuitous path has been resurfaced and new walls put in place.

The Candlestick lettering

New signage has been created in the form of steel lettering and symbols.

Crennelated wall around the Candlestick

The 'battlements', that were once part of Sidney Smirke's original castellated design for the Wellington pit have again been renewed with fresh red sandstone.

Part of the Coastal path at Whitehaven

A new path has been created up towards Haig Pit mining museum to give access to cyclists and walkers.

Sandstone Plynth with graphical information

The signs are graphical, again created in stainless steel on local red sandstone plinths.

candlestick paving graphicfish paving graphicboat paving graphic

Around the candlestick monument new paving has been laid and the paving stones have graphical insertions...

inscription in floor slab

...and inscriptions reflect the words of the miners giving an atmosphere of the history of the locale. Further inscriptions have been placed along the new wall that follows the path up the hill.

Wellington terraceWellington terrace steps

Another feature is the Wellington terrace. New steps have been put in behind the John Paul Jones sculpture leading up behind the Wellington car park, where the Wellington pub once stood. These curving steps, that were blocked off for years, have been opened up and re-faced. Both stairways lead to a terrace above the car park with seating and an observation scope which has good views over the harbour and out to sea.

Welligton terrace seating and observation telescope

October 2010 Mosaic

cicular mosaic near candlestick)

In October 2010 a new mosaic was revealed in a circular area below the Candlestick monument featuring scenes of sailing and mining.

mosaic depicting sailors

Ceramic tiles of various sizes, shapes and colours, vividly portray the scenes of labour and through the picture runs a thread of poetry describing the scene.

mosaic of miner

The moasaic is very reminiscent of the soviet ones, celebrating the labours of the proletariat.

mosaic of coal mine

The words read as: Smell the salt air. John Paul Jones standing there. There's coal on the beach. Whitehaven's fingers reach. Underground. The world around.

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