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Egremont Medieval Festival 2001 held over the May bank holiday was a great success and promises much more for future years . A procession of medieval characters marched through Egremont, a town founded by the normans and once centre of the Barony of Copeland, to the Falcon field. There, many tents had been set up like those for robing the knights at a medieval tournament, and these held various characters preparing medieval food, fletchers making arrows, armourers selling armour, alchemists with potions, and other traders in medieval costume.

A couple of barons debatingFood prepared and served medieval styleA falconer with a barn owl

A falconer seen above with his barn owl, demonstrated the sport with a kestrel and also allowed people to meet and handle the birds.

hurdy gurdy and bag pipes

A travelling minstrel played the hurdy-gurdy and was accompanied by a maiden adept at playing various pipes...

medieval minstrels

... whilst another group gave a rousing performance of various songs, with drums and recorders.

Two knights duelling with pikes

A tournoi allowed the brave young knights and soldiers to fight for glory in hand to hand combat.

talking tactics before the battle

The field event culminated in a huge battle between 2 armies assembled from the many re-enactment enthusiasts that had travelled from all over the country for the event.

Marching to the field of battle

The event also featured  a banquet. It is expected next year's event will be even bigger and better.

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Egremont Medieval Festival