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Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2007   

Harbour Events during the Festival

Jet Ski trio enter the harbour

Throughout the Whitehaven Maritime Festival the British Jet Ski Champions performed displays between the Sugar Tongue and Lime Tongue to huge crowds.

Jet ski leaps into the airJet ski dives under the water

The submarine move involved throwing the jet ski into the air and then plunging it under water so that it was fully submerged.

Standing high on the jet skiLying on the jet ski

Several other stunts involved high speed passes and turns whilst the rider was standing or lying on the machine.

3 jets produced by the jetski trio

The final piece was a triple fountain caused by the jets of the jet ski, with different coloured water magically appearing from the middle one controlled by Keith Rimmer.

RNLI lifeboats on the Sugar tongue

The R.N.L.I. life boats not only performed a rescue enactment they welcomed people aboard to see their boats and took them on trips around the harbour.

Hovercraft landing on the sands of the outer harbour

A passenger hovercraft landed on the sands of the outer harbour and took people out to sea for a trip along the coast.

Hovercraft with engine problems

Unfortunately at one point there was a little bovver with the hover when the engine failed and the captain had to jump overboard to tow it back to the beach. Apparently misjudging the depth he went up to his neck in full uniform - but it all added to the entertainment.

18th century frigate Grand Turk with 20th century battleship model

This miniature battle ship turned a few heads as it patrolled the harbour and occasionally fired its guns. Seeing it passing the Grand Turk gives an idea of its diminutive size.

Scale model of nuclear submarine in the marina

The Battleship was shadowed by a nuclear submarine of a similar scale. Not knowing the secret, several people were looking to see who was controlling it - actually it was just big enough to contain someone inside.