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Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2007   

Fireworks and Tall Ships

Grand Turk and Zebu in Whitehaven at night

Whitehaven Maritime Festival continued into the night on Friday and Saturday with the tremendous firework displays produced by Highlight Pyrotechnics. The harbour always looks wonderful at night but the addition of tall ships enhances the scene. Grand Turk and Zebu looked beautiful but slightly spooky, surrounded by an eerie glow of lights reflected in the water.

Big Wheel and Bungee Catapult lit for the night

The large Ferris wheel appeared spectacular on the harbourside and the relative peace of the night was shattered by the screams of people catapulted into the night sky on the giant bungee.

Flares on the Old Quay start the show

As the Rollin' Stoned act finished, people gathered around the harbour and every vantage point for about a mile around in anticipation of the firework display. The Old Quay had been closed all day to cover it in fireworks and the display started with flares lit along it, with increasing music to build the tension.

Fireworks shoot up from Whitehaven's Old Quay

Suddenly the fireworks erupted all along the quay, lighting the entire harbour and throwing the tall ships into silhouette.

The Matthew in front of the fireworksColourful star bursts

The fireworks kept building throughout the display getting progressively larger, louder and more spectacular.

riot of colour a noise

Eventually the whole sky was alight with a huge variety of colours and the sound was terrific, with thunderous bangs that could be heard for miles and deafening squeals and crackles that ripped through the air. Thanks must be given to Gerard Richardson and the lads from Highlight Pyrotechnics for a truly spectacular show.