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Arts and Entertainment on Whitehaven harbour

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Sunday Afternoon May 30th Whitehaven Harbour

After the success of last year's surreal but beautiful aerial ballet by Theater Tol over Whitehaven Harbour another event has been arranged by Lakes Alive bringing excitement and entertainment to summer's evenings over the End of May Bank Holiday Weekend.

juggling knives over volunteer (victim)

On the Sunday afternoon the crowds were wowed by some some really great street entertainers with a variety of comedy acts and circus performances.

Juggling knives balancing on wirejuggling on balance ball

The weather stayed fine again in Whitehaven, although a cold wind meant it was not quite as warm as recent weeks and also made it even more difficult to balance on a tight-rope with one foot whilst juggling knives.

triton on dolphin chariot

The Tritons sped around The Hub of Whitehaven Harbour between the other acts upon their dolphin chariots.

Champagne Charlie

Artizani brought to us, via the delicate art of slapstick, a Robinson Crusoe comedic tale of a Champagne Charlie washed up on a desert island...

Lobster answers back

... who faces a struggle for survival with little to eat or drink and the pangs of loneliness leading to an unlikely companionship ...

Pirate walks the rope

... and numerous low budget adventures along the way ...

desert island treasue chest

... ultimately finding a pirate treasure after surviving madness and mild peril.

Rather large seagulls at Whitehaven

This is probably why visitors to the harbour are advised not to feed the seagulls - after too many chips they reach an incredible size.

Small mobile theatre

smallest vaudeville theatre

Ramshacklicious and their smallest mobile vaudeville theatre in the world entertained with a variety of acts performed by the three strong troupe on and off their pedal propelled tiny stage.

Puppeteer with bewitched girl

Probably the most colourful performance and the most varied act was the Kawa Circus - a team of multi-talented performers from Rajasthan in India. They performed with a variety of skills from dance, magic, theatre and circus acts. Here a bewitched young girl becomes a robotic puppet controlled by the men.

Indian high wire performer in Whitehaven

High above the street one of the performers braves the high wire using umbrella's for balance on what was a rather windy day beside Whitehaven's harbour.

Angelic - mime statue

This poor gentle angel appeared to have been transported from some other-worldly plane of existence and seemed to be reaching out for contact with passers-by.

Sports commentators

If you want a commentary on everything you do then just stick close to this pair of sports commentators who wandered around handing out their verbal humour.

Lollypop ladies

Another comedy duo were this pair of indomitable lollypop ladies whose instructions you disobey at your own peril.

Banjo circus acrobats

The Banjo Circus provided not only some great music as a banjo duet but incorporated that into a circus act.

uni-cycle juggling

The finale involved, after some amusing audience participation, juggling a blade, brolly and banjo whilst balancing atop a very tall uni-cycle.

Fairly famous tennis

Local Street entertainers the  Fairly Famous Family brought all the glamour and excitement of the Wimbledon Centre Court to Whitehaven harbour - well, actually, no they didn't, but it was funny and entertaining.

Comedy escapology

Another comedy act was Markmark productions The Maniax - a high platform escapology act on the Sugar Tongue.

Strictly dumb prancing

Strictly Dumb Prancing were a comedy dance act based on the story of a prima-donna of the ballroom world looking for a partner to dance with...

Comedy ballroom dance act

...only to find someone close at hand who possibly didn't agree that she should be the only star of the act.

Skillful display on the pole

Bongo Bolero productions brought us the Dick Danger Show which involved some great skills on a very high pole...

high diver preparesdive into bucket

... followed by some precarious comedy and a terrifying plunge from the top into a bucket of water.

Urban playground

Urban playground used a combination of street dance and parkour free-running across various specially created multi-level platforms to produce a unique act which combined athletic acrobatics with graceful movement.

parkour leap


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