Whitehaven Pub Quiz

Answer 4 -  Whittington Cat

Whittington Cat painted sign

Okay so I didn't show you the cat but that would have made it far too easy as it is one of the best known pubs in town. The Whittington Cat on Lowther Street, usually just known as the Cat, is one of the older pubs dating back to at least 1861 with that name. The frontage was extensively modernised in the 1970's with a brick and concrete facing, a long curved window and no pub sign. It is good to see that it has now been restored much more in sympathy with the Georgian town.

Whittington cat pub

P.S. I hope you are not still wandering around town looking for this one as 'The Cat' has recently undergone another re-vamp and the pictoral sign has been replaced with one containing simply the words Whittington Cat.

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