Whitehaven Pub Quiz

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Pub Picture Puzzles

A quick quiz to see if you can recognise some of these great pub signs from around the town. The 1911 directory listed well over a hundred pubs, taverns, inns and hotels in Whitehaven. Now there are only a couple of dozen and many of the newer ones don't have the traditional signs that used to give a visual guide to those that couldn't read.

Guess the names of the pubs - Click on each picture to see the answer.

 A tall monument - click for answer

1. A tall structure on top of a hill - name the pub?

 A pile of Barrels - click for answer

2. A load of barrels - which pub do they represent?

    A ship and anchor - click for answer

3. A ship approaching a tropical beach - which drinking house is this?

    a successful man - click for answer

4. This looks like a man who's done well for himself - but what is the pub?

    a crown and vegetation - click for answer

5. Are you too busy looking at the shops to notice this pub?

    A pint of beer - click for answer

6. A pub that serves beer - is that a good enough clue?

    A horses head - click for answer

7. A White Mare possibly but then it might be a stallion?

    heraldic device - click for answer

8. Does this shield represent a good knight out?

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