Whitehaven Quiz

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Picture Puzzles part 2

Okay, the quiz continues with another selection of photos from around the town centre..

Click on each picture to see the answer.

 Question 9 - picture of a beehive - click for answer

9. Where is this emblem and why?

 question 10 - directions to washington - click for answer

10. The distance and direction to Washington D.C from Whitehaven is given as 3011 nautical miles at a bearing of 253 degrees - but where is this brass compass?

    question11 - a horned head with a beard - click for answer

11. Where can you find this strange fellow?

    question 12 - art deco window frame - click for answer

12. Art deco in Georgian Whitehaven! Where can this window be found?

    question 13 - monogram in sandstone - click for answer

13. A strange monogram what does it stand for and where is it?

    question 14 - horses head carving - click for answer

14. Another sculpture in sandstone but where is it now and where did it used to be?

    question 15 - scupture of knotted rope - click for answer

15. Can you say where this knot can be found?

    question 16 - shield of Lowther with 1859 - click for answer

16. The answers from the previous 2 questions may help with this one - What is Lowther's shield on?

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