Whitehaven Pub Quiz - part 2

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Pub Picture Puzzles part 2

Let's finish with a few more of Whitehaven's pub signs for you to puzzle over.

Guess the names of the pubs - Click on each picture to see the answer.

 a sailing vessel - click for answer

9. A view though a telescope on a clear day makes this pub easy to see?

 a cheerful chap - click for answer

10. Looks as though this cheerful old soul enjoys a pint after a hard days work but who is he?

  a ship at sea - click for answer

P11. This seems as though it might be the same as the first one of this section - but is it?

    black grapes - click for answer

12. A bunch of black grapes - so what does this sign represent?

    smoking chimney - click for answer

13. A sign of Whitehaven's industrial past - so what is the name of the pub?

    a stag at dawn - click for answer

14. An impressive beast that reminds us of Christmas - but does that help you with the name of the pub?

    an old building - click for answer

15. Is this really a Whitehaven building?

  man with ship - click for answer 

16. An easy one to finish if you know this man?

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