Whitehaven Quiz

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Picture Puzzle part 1

Here is a quiz, just for fun, to test your knowledge of features around the town centre and the harbour.

Click on each picture to see the answer.

Question 1 - steel and glass - click for answer    

1. Where can you see this stainless steel and coloured glass object?

Question 2 - bronze statue - click for answer    

2. This bronze statue stands where, and what does it commemorate?

Question 3 - sunburst mosaic - click for answer    

3. Any idea where this sunburst mosaic is?

question 4 - rusty gear - click for answer    

4. Can you say exactly where this gearing is and what it was for?

question 5 - crenellation - click for answer    

5. Crenellations - which property do they belong to?

 question 6 - white horse - click for answer  

6. A white horse and the phrase dieu et mon droit - on which building and what is missing?

question 7 - resting dove - click for answer    

7. Where can you find this dove taking a nap?

question 8 - barrel - click for answer    

8. These guys can certainly hold their drink but which property are they visiting and what is the name of the street?

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