Whitehaven Quiz 2009

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Picture Puzzle part 1

Here is another quiz, just for fun, to test your knowledge of features around Whitehaven town centre and the harbour.

Click on each picture to see the answer.

 ramsey brothers - click for answer  

1. Marked with the town but where exactly is it located?

 strange object - click for answer  

2. Strange looking object - where is it and what is it?

   fancy balcony - click for answer

3. Can you guess where you can find this elegant balcony?

    arched window - clcick for answer

4. Today we'll be looking through the arched window but where can it be found?

   really wild - click for answer

5. Writing in the snow, but where is this really wild text?

    Fancy carving - click for answer

6. A fancy bit of stone carving but what is it for?

    Stoney face - click for answer

7. Who is this and where can he be found?

    Are you ready for Part 2 ?

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