Whitehaven Quiz 2009

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Picture Puzzle part 2

Here are the second set of 7 questions for our Whitehaven observation quiz.

Click on each picture to see the answer.

rust and shadows - click for answer

8. What is this object for and where can you find it?

decorative arced balcony - click for answer

9. Another balcony - where is this fancy ironwork and what is the building called?

 spiral staircase - click for answer

10. More decorative iron but where is this spiral staircase?

  window in tower - click for answer 

11. Not Rapunzel's window but where is this tower?

 pair of gothic style windows - click for answer

12. A fine pair of Gothic style windows - you've seen them before, but on which street?

acorn decoration - click for answer

13. Do you know where this acorn is and why?

fancy ironwork - click for answer

14. An easy one to finish - where can you find this blacksmith's fancy work and where did it use to be?

That concludes the 2009 quiz - I hope you didn't find the questions too frustrating and the some of the answers informative. If you haven't done it before you could try the first Whitehaven Picture Quiz

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