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Whitehaven Rum Festival 2000

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After the enormous success of last year's maritime festival Whitehaven decided this year to have a Rum Festival. This was to celebrate Whitehaven's connection with the Caribbean rum trade and the opening of The Rum Story visitor attraction. The theme of the day was the capture of smuggled rum and arrest of the culprits.

Smugglers in their hide-outCutoms officers spot the hide-out

The smugglers hiding near the duke pit fan-house were spotted by customs officers.

Smugglers fire musketsExcise officers return fire

Realising they have been spotted a smuggler opens fire upon the the excise men who promptly return fire with their flintlock muskets.

the kings men chase the smugglers

Soon the local militia arrive to give support and the villains turn to flee, pursued by the King's men.

a smuggler surrendersthe customs men trap a smuggler

The smuggler soon cries for mercy as he is trapped at the point of a bayonet.

Militia with captured rumsmugglers carry barreldown the steps

The smugglers are forced to carry the rum as the militia march round town to Jefferson's bonded warehouse.

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