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    Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2007

All the Fun of the Fair

Childrens fairground on near South Shore

This year there were three separate funfairs at the Whitehaven Maritime Festival. There was one with rides and amusements for the smaller children near the South Beach area which helped to keep them safe. There was also one on the quay street car park.

Flight Sim

In connection with all the air displays there were a few flight simulators around the harbour.

Funfair Circus house

Funfair ride full of people

However, the big funfair with all the noise, colour and excitement was situated on another site on North Shore separated from the rest of the festival by the boat yard.

Spinning disc ride

Taylor's fairground attractions covered a considerable area and had some very large rides considering it was only temporary. There was also the large bungee and big wheel on the harbourside.

Freak out fairground ride

People on the Funfair Waltzer

Even so the old favourites like the waltzer seemed the most popular with plenty of queues for those with strong stomachs and a liking for speed.

Funfair ridePeople thown in the air

Excitement for the children and parentshold on tight