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After weeks of uncertain weather it was great to see the sun out for Whitehaven's 2007 carnival. Here the procession can be seen moving down Scotch street flanked by people lined up on either side to watch it pass.

Carnival on Scotch Street

As usual the procession was lead by Britannia, Catherine Jenkins, accompanied by the Mayor, Ann Faichney, the town crier and the Chairman of the Lions.

The Mayor, Britannia, town cryer and lions chairman

They were followed by the Carnival Queens - first was the retiring Queen, Chelsea, riding on the back of an open car with her two attendants.

Retiring Queen Chelsea

Next was the Carnival Queen for 2007, Laura Grearson, who had a magnificent float decorated in traditional manner with coloured paper, carefully applied in intricate patterns, to sculpt a fairytale castle in purple and white.

Queen Laura's beautiful float

The visiting Queen this year was Seaton Gypsy Queen who had also used the traditional decoration of paper to craft an old fashioned Gypsy caravan in a deep claret colour with gold trim. Both she and her attendants had colourful costumes in the gypsy style.

Seaton Gypsy Queen

As well as the beauty of the Queen's and their princesses there was the spectacular costumes of the marchers and the people on the decorated carnival floats. Here we see the butterfly people from the Woodhouse family centre who won first place in the community groups section. While they dressed in red the Greenbank community centre dressed in green and joined the yellow of Howgill centre.

Insect peopleBasket bird

Getting some of the best reaction from the spectators was this amazing bird-like creature which was crafted from basket work.


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