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Cowpers dancers in pink and white

As usual the greatest part of the Carnival parade was the numerous dance troupes from the area.

Dancers perform wedding scene

Cowper's, the oldest school, had several groups each with stunning costumes. A wedding scene was followed by...

pretty dancers in blue and white

...some these dancers in the lovely blue and white dresses with white boater hats.

Starkey infants with tambourines

Another school regular featured was Starkey's that was divided into age groups with the infants at the front shaking their tambourines.

vivid green and orange dance costumes

They were followed by these pom pom girls with their routine 'Let's Get Crazy'.

carnival dancers performing footloose

The next Starkey group was the footloose girls seen here on Lowther Street near the end of the parade.

Dancers  posing on strand street

The oldest girls from the Starkey school won the competition with their 'Right Round' routine.

lady gaga dancers perform routine

Possibly the most eye catching costumes belonged to the Popsteps dancers, with their blonde wigs and ping glasses, performing a Lady Gaga routine.

dance ranch in white costumes during carnival 2009

At several positions around the town each group stopped to perform their dances. The Dance Ranch did a Michael Jackson routine which must have been quickly learnt.

Stagestars dancing in castle park

When the parade had completed its circuit around town everyone assembled in the Castle Park for more entertainment. Some of the dances performed more routines and their was also a fun fair, mini quad bikes and many charity stalls.

singing group Manhattan

Also performing on the stage of the bandstand was vocal group Manhattan performing songs from the swing era. As it was the 4th of July there was the extra treat of fireworks at night, as hundreds gathered aound the harbour, on a warm summer's evening, to watch another spectacular.

4th July Fireworks 2009

Firworks over Whitehaven harbour

Firworks beside old watchtower

Firwork finale over Whitehaven harbour


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