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the Parade

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da-carmen (102K)

da-miranda (92K)

Probably the most colourful costumes were these Carmen Miranda style latin costumes which looked perfect in the tropical sun we had on Saturday afternoon.

da-cowpers (64K)

da-cowpers-blue (74K)

As usual the oldest dance school in Whitehaven, Cowpers, had a large turn out with several different costumes.

Starkey's on Strand Street

dancers on duke street

At regular intervals around the processional route the dancers stopped to perform their routines - here we see some of Starkey's dancers on Strand Street and some in front of North on Duke Street

da-oz (83K)

The Starkey's School infants were dressed with costumes from the Wizard of OZ with a Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Straw Man and Tin Man leading the line.

da-poppins (60K)

Another of Cowper's troupes were dressed in these Mary Poppins style outfits with the parasols and straw boaters very appropriate for the weather.

da-starkey-school (78K)

These Starkey School of Theatre Dance costumes in a school uniform style with stripey orange and black ties and bright orange braces were simple but effective.

da-psteps (95K)

The popsteps and cheerstars group had the most exciting display of the day with their animal print costumes, loud music and acrobatic moves.

da-park (84K)

When the procession was over the dance troupes performed in front of the park bandstand to a large crowd.


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