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the Parade

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Here is a selection of portraits of people in the Whitehaven Carnival 2011

ga-mc1 (13K)ga-mc5 (47K)ga-mc2 (14K)

ga-mc3 (14K)ga-mc6 (20K)ga-mc4 (12K)

ga-mo1 (15K)ga-mo2 (15K)

ga-mo3 (16K)

ga-mo4 (14K)ga-mo5 (17K)

ga-pat1 (18K)

cowardly lionwhitehaven town criertin man

ga-gr1 (14K)ga-bowler (29K)ga-gr2 (15K)

ga-baby (16K)ga-pink (12K)

ga-fp1 (19K)cheerstarga-fp3 (18K)

Dalmatian face paint

Cheerstarsga-fp2 (19K)Cheerstars

Copeland Mayor John Jackson

ga-fp5 (18K)ga-blu1 (17K)ga-fp4 (16K)

ga-mc7 (17K)ga-mc8 (13K)

Fairy in Greenga-fp6 (16K)Fairy


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