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the Parade

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Carnival in bright sunshine

Whitehaven Carnival 2011 was blessed with glorious sunshine that seemed to put a smile on everyone's face and highlighted the colours in the splendid and diverse costumes.

Whitehaven Brass band

The parade was led by a large red fire engine closely followed by the members of Whitehaven Brass Band

Whitehaven Cryer Rob Romano with Cadets

Whitehaven's town cryer Rob Romano wore his familiar tricorn hat as he marched accompanied by some of the sea cadets.

Copeland Mayor John Jackson

Following the town Cryer was this year's Mayor of Copeland John Jackson

Britania in the Whitehaven Carnival

Britannia this year was provided with a chariot in the form of a Toyota pickup allowing her to strike this classic pose.

Tanzania link scheme

Tanzania link scheme performed some dance moves as they paraded down Scotch Street

fitness in the parade

Dance fitness group Mokey were keen to promote their classes with a few routines.

Boy dressed as a roman

This young lad won first prize for his costume as a Roman.

Man riding purple bird

This purple bird did well to carry a man on his back around the Carnival route although it did occasionally stop to snack on a child by the roadside.

pa-netball (67K)

Copeland sports development section had a float supporting the Rugby world cup bid and some of those encouraged by their netball development programme.

pa-multi-cultural (83K)

Adding some incredibly beautiful and colourful costumes to this year's parade for the first time was Whitehaven's multicultural group featuring local residents with links to many parts of the world.

pa-stix2 (71K)

Injecting some rhythm to the parade were the Stix percussion pupils with a variety of drums.

Whitehaven park festivities

In the end everyone collected together in Castle park where the dancers showed off the routines they had been practising for months, kids played on the fairground attractions and charity stalls did a great job raising money for local worthy causes.


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