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the Floats

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Britannia chariot

In the past Britannia has ridden on horseback or even walked the processional route but this year she had the modern equivalent of a chariot.

Carnival Queen Whitney on her float

Whitehaven Carnival Queen for 2011 was Whitney Bell and her float was lovingly decorated in the traditional style with coloured paper and fabric in violet and white.

Witney Bell

Carnival Queen attendent Carnival Queen attendent

Queen Whitney was dressed in white and her attendents wore blue satin.

Retiring Queen Jorgie Bell

The retiring Queen was Jorgie bell and she travelled with her attendent around the procession in the back of an open top car.

Roald Dahl float

Moresby School had a brilliant float yet again, illustrating the tales of Roald Dahl. The children and parents were costumed as many of the characters from the book.

Books in paper

The sides of the float showed the covers of his books in a collage of tiny paper scrunches.

Moresby School in paper

The rear panel depicted a great portrait of the school itself again in the paper scrunch mosaic style.

Rugby themed carnival float

Copeland's Sport Development team had created this clever sculpture of a rugby player kicking for the sticks.

St. Bees village school

Behind their float were lads from St. Bees village school with tall flags and netball lasses.

Frog and fairies

In the absence of a full size lorry and dozens of volunteers a trailer pulled behind a car seems to make an excellent substitute as this delightful scene of a house in a woodland glade with fairies and a pond containing a frog prince proved.

baby float

This was a baby float in all respects showing that even the youngest kids can take part in the festivities of carnival day given a bit of imagination and no doubt some hard work by the parents.


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