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As well as the programme of music throughout the Maritime Festival there was a number of other entertainers both around the harbour and in the Whitehaven town centre with a strong vein of comedy to keep everyone amused.

zukini on unicylecharlie chaplinbubble man on stilts

Zukini Live performed a circus routine on the sugar tongue, juggling fire whilst riding a unicycle and managing to avoid setting light to his assistants plucked from the audience to the amusement of all. Charlie Chaplin was re-incarnated on the harbour front performing tricks with onlookers and a stilted bubble man created monstrous bubbles in the middle of the road on Lowther St.

Talia Theatrum look for volunteersThe lovers duelAre they dancing or fighting

Talia Theatrum exercised the audiences imagination as they recounted a dramatic tale of  love and death entitled The Duel aided by some cunning disguises, some symphonic music and some hammy acting to great comic effect.

Prof Llewelyn Punch and Judy

'Prof' Brian Llewelyn captured the minds of hundreds of children and their parents with many performances of his traditional Punch and Judy show over the Maritime weekend. Soon they were screaming for Punch and wailing with laughter (and children enjoyed it too)

Captain Bullock plays to the cameraCaptain Bullock unicycles and jugglesbullock tries to stop his balls from dropping

Captain Bullock's Tales was another entertainment for children of all ages. This sartorially elegant, demure pirate captain, thrilled and amused with death defying comedy, juggling, unicycling and a far from diabolic diabolo routine. As with all the entertainers audience participation was at the fore and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2001