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Trio of Buskers on the Sugar Tongue

Music was much in evidence throughout Whitehaven Maritime festival weekend. With everything from rock and folk to brass bands and a songs of praise to end with on Sunday evening. At the north end of the millennium promenade was the CFM stage which provided a mixture of DJ's and various live acts all weekend.

Folk music on the CFM stage

At the other end of the prom. is the hub which provided performances of music and dancing from many of the local schools including Whitehaven School band and Wyndham band.

Crowds around the Hub


Whitehaven School band

The Hub also hosted some local groups plus the band of the Royal Marines who went through their diverse repertoire from swing to hymns.

Wyndham bandRoyal marine band at the Hub

The Royal Marine Band (Scotland) also put on a marching display on the Sugar Tongue. They were accompanied by contingents from the Royal Navy and the US Navy. This led to a presentation to the U.S. Navy honour guard from the Mayor of Copeland.

Royal marine band marching display on the Sugar TongueUS Navy in front of Tall Ship Phoenix

Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2001