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SHIPS at the Maritime Festival

3 tall ships came to this year's festival - The Earl of Pembroke, Phoenix and on Sunday afternoon the Sail Training Association ship Prince William made a visit.

On Thursday June 21st, at Midday, Phoenix and The Earl of Pembroke arrived and made safe passage into the Harbour at high tide, navigating the open lock gates with apparent ease.

Earl of Pembroke entering Whitehaven Harbour

Tall ship Earl of Pembroke passing the North Pier Lighthouse on its entry into Whitehaven harbour.

Tall ship Phoenix approaching Whitehaven

Pheonix on a slightly choppy sea approaching Whitehaven passing Bransty Cliffs on the high tide.

Earl of Pembroke passes the crows nest

Earl of Pembroke passing the Crow's Nest feature at the end of  Lime Tongue in Whitehaven Harbour.

Pheonix moors against Sugar Tongue

Pheonix is gently edged into place using inflatable dinghys as it takes up a mooring against the Sugar Tongue.

brocklebank tug

The tug boat Brocklebank.

Prince William in Queen's Dock

Prince William is the largest brig produced in Britain in a century, along with its sister ship Stavros S Niarchos. It was built by Appledore in Devon who delivered it on time and within budget for the STA charity. It is one of two tall ships run by The Sail Training Association who promote sailing to young people, to develop character in individuals and teamwork amongst people from very different backgrounds. After the visit of Tenacious earlier in the year it was hard to believe a bigger sailing ship would be seen at Whitehaven but the 200ft Prince William dwarfed Earl of Pembroke and Phoenix, already in Harbour. It was moored in Queen's dock at the North  Harbour and when it left it had to turn and reverse into the middle harbour, before sailing forward out through the lock gates.

Prince William navigates lock gates

Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2001