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Saturday evening also had a full line up of entertainment. Music was provided on the CFM stage and the funfair between Strand St. and the harbour looked great all lit up at night.

fair lit up at night

A period re-enactment took place on the inner harbour where the Duke of Brunswick was rowed into the harbour to a gun salute, inspected the artillery men and the rowed out again. This was set in Napoleonic times when the German duke, after fighting his way out of Germany came to Britain which he toured, recruiting men. He never actually came to Whitehaven but it was a good excuse to fire some field guns.

Gun firing saluteDuke of Brunswick enters harbourArtillary with field gun

After the re-enactment the sun set behind the tall ships Phoenix and Earl of Pembroke moored against the Sugar Tongue in the inner harbour.

Tall ships in the sunset

Music kept the crowd entertained until the fireworks including a brilliant set by the local electro/folk group Altar Native who used sampled rhythmic backing with strong melodic performances on fiddle, bass and acoustic guitar played through various effect units to create a unique style and sound. This was added to with a spontaneous routine by an energetic dancer for whom the beat was impossible to resist.

Altar native performing at the hub


The grand finale to the night was a truly spectacular firework display. The harbour was lit including the fluorescent wave sculpture and the Crow's nest changing colour with the wind.

fireworks over Whitehaven harbour

To this was added hundreds of airbursts of every shade of firework, all the explosions being mirrored in the still waters of the harbour.

coloured fireworks over Whitehaven

To download some MP3 tracks from Altar Native and find out more about the band visit :


Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2001