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Tall Ships

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6th August -

Tall ship Zebu from Liverpool has already been in the harbour for a week when the Tall Ship Kathleen and May arrives for Thursday lunchtime.

Kathleen and May enters Whitehaven harbour

Tall ship the Kathleen and May entering Whitehaven harbour past the North Pier lighthouse.

Kathleen and May passing through Whitehaven lock

People gathered to watch the tall ship passing through Whitehaven's sea lock.

Kathleen and May draws towards the sugar tongue

Once in the inner harbour the Kathleen and May spun around to reverse back against the Sugar Tongue with the Crow's Nest structure in the background.

Tall ships Zebu and Kathleen & May in Whitehaven Harbour

Tall Ship Zebu and Tall Ship Kathleen and May looked a splendid pair against the Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven's historic harbour.

7th August

Arrival of Tall Ship Irene

Tall Ship Irene at sea off Whitehaven harbour.

Tall Ship Irene looked quite small as she hung out to sea on Friday morning waiting for the high tide so that she could pass through the lock gates on free flow. It was still good to see her with some sails up.

T.S. Irene enters Whitehaven harbour

However, once T.S. Irene passed through the lock gates into Whitehaven's inner harbour it was obvious she is quite a large vessel - similar in size to the 3 masted Kathleen and May.

Tall Ship Irene in front of the Beacon Whitehaven

She very quickly manoeuvred to her berth on the Sugar Tongue in between the  Zebu and the Kathleen and May.

3 tall ships in Whitehaven harbour at the C2C start

Once again Whitehaven festival had secured 3 tall ships to start the festival in grand style.

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